​ Alicante, the sunniest city in Europe

​  Alicante, the sunniest city in Europe
7 Mar 2023

Alicante, the sunniest city in Europe
Rental platform Holidu used data from World Weather Online to calculate the average number of hours of sunshine per month in cities across Europe. She then compiled a list of the 30 sunniest areas on the continent. Alicante occupies first place in the ranking with a trifle of… 349 hours of sunshine per month on average! As for Valencia, which was voted the healthiest city in the world in 2022, it has risen to a very honorable place since it comes sixth, with 343 hours of sunshine per month.

A considerable asset for the Valencian Community, which is attracting more and more European tourists but also “digital nomads” looking for a corner of paradise for teleworking.

Spain, the sunniest country on the continent
The ranking more generally distinguishes Spain as the sunniest country in Europe. 12 Spanish cities are on the list, including six among the top ten.

In addition to Alicante and Valencia, we find Murcia on the third step of the podium, or Malaga in fourth position, with an average of 345 hours of sunshine per month. Las Palmas and Granada occupy eighth and ninth place respectively, closing this very Spanish top 10.

In the top 30, there are also Seville, Zaragoza, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Madrid and Valladolid, the main major cities in Spain. Living in this country therefore seems to be the guarantee of finding more sun there than elsewhere.

The ranking of the 30 European cities with the most sun
1. Alicante (Spain)

2. Catania (Italy)

3. Murcia (Spain)

4. Málaga (Spain)

5. Messina (Italy)

6. Valencia (Spain)

7. Nice (France)

8. Las Palmas (Spain)

9. Granada (Spain)

10. Palermo (Italy)

11. Seville (Spain)

12. Zaragoza (Spain)

13.Marseilles (France)

14. Barcelona (Spain)

15. Palma de Mallorca (Spain)

16. Tirana (Albania)

17. Rome (Italy)

18. Athens (Greece)

19. Madrid (Spain)

20. Naples (Italy)

21. Bari (Italy)

22. Torino (Italy)

23. Valladolid (Spain)

24. Sofia (Bulgaria)

25. Zürich (Switzerland)

26. Verona (Italy)

27. Lisbon (Portugal)

28. Venice (Italy)

29. Milan (Italy)

30. Florence (Italy)



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