Gestali Group, About us

Gestali is a legal, fiscal, accounting and social consulting firm.

GestaliHome is a real estate agency specializing in the new property market in Spain.

Two companies with teams that collaborate, in order to give a complete service to their customers.


Gestali  "Gestoría" benchmark in Alicante, Gestali is & nbsp; a tax firm where the energy and dynamism of a Young Company are combined with 40 years of Professional Experience and the solidity of the Fiseco group, based in Gandia and Valencia, & nbsp; in the field of Accounting and Auditing, as well as the prestigious insurance group "Generali" in order to offer its Customers the best services.

Gestor and Asesor: Two different and complementary professions

The "Gestor", "Gestor Administrativos" ou "Gestorías" 

Sont des professionels regroupés au sein d’un corps de métier, qui réalisent toutes sortes de démarches administratives. In addition to offering advice, they have the practical skills to carry out administrative management services and have technical means (IT platforms) through their "colegio de gestores" to facilitate their task.

The «Asesor»:

The"Asesor" is responsible for providing legal, accounting and tax advice to its clients. Thanks to his knowledge, he helps to resolve doubts and questions in order to find the best solutions for his client.. In short, the «Asesor » advises and the "Gestor" handles all administrative formalities.

The main functions of a "Gestor" are as follows :
  •  Accounting : keeping the accounts of the company or "Autónomo".
  •  Tax: Realization of declarations such as deductions to be made, quarterly tax and VAT declarations, corporate taxes, as well as annual summaries. He also prepares income tax returns for individuals, residents or non-residents.
  • Laboral : Another of its most common services is the preparation and management of the payslip, including registration, dismissal of employees and modification of working conditions.
  • Business creation: The "Gestor" advises on the different types of companies and has the capacity to take all the necessary steps to create a company adapted to the needs of the client. 
  • Vehicles : The «Gestor» also takes care of other matters such as vehicle registration, change of ownership, imports, exports, etc.
  • Permits and authorizations : he is empowered to apply for transport authorizations, change foreign driving licenses into Spanish licenses, request for a fishing, hunting and weapons license, etc.
  • Purchase / sale of property, inheritances and donations : preparation and recording of public documents. Checks before purchasing a property. Assistance with buying or selling.
  • Tax settlements, like the permutation (Impuesto transmissions patrimoniales y actos jurídicos documentados), inheritance and gift law tax
  • Request for all kinds of certificates : birth, death, marriage, last will, criminal record, etc. Import and export licenses, health and works authorizations, habitability license, 2nd occupation, tourist license, etc.
  • Management of visas, residence and work permits for foreigners.
The « Gestor » must be up to date with accounting, tax and social regulations in order to have the best advice for its clients and to be able to act accordingly.


To offer even more services to its customers, Gestali opens a department specializing in real estate transactions:

GestaliHome in Alicante, offers you a perfect knowledge of the Spanish real estate market. 

To guarantee you an investment of quality and safety, GestaliHome is positioned on the market for new goods. Present in regions ranging from the Costa Blanca to the Costa del Sol, via the Costa Cálida and the Costa de Almeria, GestaliHome guarantees you the most complete range of products thanks to our direct relations with the main promoters of the region.

GestaliHome is your ideal partner to invest your money under the Spanish sun!

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