Your ideal partner!

Choosing the perfect partner when in the path of finding the perfect home, should be our first stop of the journey.

The market will always have a wide variety of offers for us, but finding that person that not only understand us, our needs and expectations, but even more so, will look to understand our deepest dreams and fight for our best interests, has no value.

 Our clients become part of our family, from the moment they knock at our door hoping for the right person to guide them, to years later, celebrating our long-term friendship at a barbecue on their beautiful terrace overlooking the mediterranean sea.

With this mission, we have positioned ourselves as the "seekers" in the Spanish Costa" and a reference agency in our region for the international market; 

As no matter how challenging or wide the territory, we will seek to find the best investment matching our investors expectations, or the idyllic retreat for our clients looking to establish in our beautiful country, or the most paradisiacal spot for our seasonal clients wanting to enjoy short periods to relax. 

We know our region, the subtle differences you can find in each different town and area, and by drawing a very specific and personalised profile on our clients, specially created by Gestalihome, we are capable to connect that client with their perfect home and area. 

We go hand in hand with our clients and we guide them not only on the process of finding and buying, but throughout the whole journey of legal, tax and administration process in order to make a safe and correct investment in Spain, thanks to our sister company Gestali, specialised in legal administration with professionals with over 14 years of experience.

We have a popular saying in Spain that goes like this: Tell me who you hang out with and I will tell you who you are. 

Our clients choose us in the same way that we choose them to be part of our family. 

Our vision, is growing our family, having all larger and larger number of happy and grateful members to share these moments with. This is both our business, and personal goal.

Costa Blanca, Gestalihome

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