Second hand properties in Costa Blanca

Second hand properties in Costa Blanca

Property in the old on the Costa Blanca. Second-hand properties in Alicante. The assets of Gestalihome.

The Costa Blanca has 244 km of coastline, which is why we have "divided" the Costa Blanca into two parts. The Costa Blanca North and the Costa Blanca South. The reference of this division is the city of Alicante or Alicante International Airport. No, there is not a difference in temperature, it's just to make it easier!

On the other hand, there is a difference in relation to the orography of the mountains. The Costa Blanca has magnificent mountains, but it is at the Costa Blanca North that this mountain range approaches the sea.

As a result, it will always be easier to find a sea view property on the Costa Blanca North. Also the construction costs can be, maybe, not always, higher because of the relief. If we make the choice for the Costa Blanca North, even moving away a little from the sea, 10 kms, we can keep the sea view criterion most of the time during our search. Be careful, the sea view criterion always affects the budget!

On the other hand, this mountain range moves away 20-30 km inland in the Costa Blanca South, this allows to have a flatter orography, a different pasture like the beautiful salt pans of Elche, the pink lake and the blue lake of Torrevieja, rest area for migratory birds.

In relation to services, whether in the north or in the south, you will always have something to do. The Costa Blanca in general offers a fullness of services. restaurants, bars, shopping, sports centers, 170 beaches and coves, nautical ports, 21 golf courses in the province bathed in sunshine more than 300 days a year... In addition, the road connections are splendid, so as to to be able to go from one point to another on the Costa Blanca in the blink of an eye.

Each trip causes a magical moment but on the Costa Blanca, you will certainly fall in love. It will be very easy, even if you are difficult, to fall in love with this magnificent region.

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