Why Buy A New Property In Spain?

GestaliHome, your Real Estate in Spain.


Choosing new real estate for your project has many advantages. If it is true to say that we can have a crush on the old, choosing a new home is a winning bet for future owners. Comfort, savings, guarantees ...

  • Our visits to Spain are always 100% personalized. Your real estate expert will make you visit a selection of properties corresponding to your expectations.
  • From an economic point of view first of all, it should be known that in Spain the prices on the Neuf market are equivalent (or even lower) than those practiced in the former.
  • Housing does not require short-term or long-term work that does not generate any additional cost.
  • You benefit from a product in perfect condition, built according to the latest standards and using the latest generation materials.
  • Also, buying in the New, gives you greater legal certainty. In Spain as in Belgium or France, you can count on the ten-year guarantee, avoiding any unpleasant surprise.
  • Moreover, GestaliHome collaborates exclusively with promoters ensuring for our customers a bank guarantee.

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