Costa Blanca

Gestalihome sells new construction apartments and villas on the Costa Blanca.

Every trip causes a magical moment. On the Costa Blanca, that moment in which the traveler feels a kind of revelation can occur in many moments and places. Perhaps it arises after a hiking route at sunset, when the "warm and humble light" described by Gabriel Miró takes over the peaks of the Sierra de Aitana. Perhaps it takes place when you feel the joy of childhood games on one of the 170 beaches and coves that line the Mediterranean coastline in blue. It can also be triggered by navigating the waters in a recreational boat, feeling how the east wind or garbí winds inflate the sails, when unloading our rhythmic energy to advance in a kayak or when completing the course in one of the 21 golf courses in the province bathed in sunshine more than 300 days a year.

At other times, magic is unleashed unexpectedly through small, everyday acts. For example, when savoring rice or another gastronomic gem on a terrace on the Island of Tabarca, after bathing in its marine reserve. Sometimes the feeling that time has stopped comes to us when tannic pleasure bursts into our palate when tasting an intense wine, one of which Alicante has been well-deserved since Roman times.

Or when visiting any of the beautiful historic centers, crowned by stone fortresses, that dot the various municipalities of the province with memory and heritage. There where the Arab legacy contemplates, from time and distance, a historical development that has left flashes in the architecture and the urban landscape.

Elche, with its Palm Grove and its "Mystery", both world heritage sites. Alcoy and Novelda, modernists. Alicante, greeting the sea from the Esplanade. Benidorm, challenging the horizon with its mythical skyline. Orihuela, wrapped in the Hernandian echo and in the majesty of its sacred art. And so on until completing an inexhaustible catalog of urban experiences, a counterpoint to resting in the sand or the pleasures of the mountains.

The discovery of the unexpected is always just around the corner in Costa Blanca. Just let yourself go, enjoy yourself in good company and remember forever. Welcome to your destination.

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